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  • Can Keurig cups be used in a Nespresso coffee maker?


    Coffee makers are machines used to brew coffee. For a person who loves coffee but doesn’t want to spend money going to coffee shops, a high quality coffee machine is essential. With so many coffee makers in the market, a person should be familiar with the different types available and for sure, they will find one which they think is best for them.
    Two of the best coffee machines- Keurig coffee makers and Nespresso are brewing systems that make single servings of gourmet and premium coffees. While the Keurig machine took an early lead as champion with the help of flavors from big brands like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, Nespresso hopes to unseat the capsule king with its new VertuoLine machine, which can make its signature frothy espresso as well as a full cup of coffee. Below you can read how both these coffee machines differ and their mechanism.

    Nespresso Coffee Maker


    Nespresso machine is a single- serve espresso machine that makes one cup of coffee at a time. This machine uses exclusive perforated foil and plastic Nespresso capsules that are already pre- measured with the perfect amount of coffee. Simply put in the capsule, press a button and enjoy your cup of coffee.

    This saves you time without having to prepare the coffee ground, measure and brew. These capsules are sold exclusively by Nespresso and are expensive than an equivalent quantity of loose ground coffee. Nespresso have their own exclusive line of espresso pods and no other pods from any coffee brand can be used.

    Keurig Coffee Maker


    The best Keurig coffee makers use coffee pods, known as K-Cups, to brew their beverages. The K- Cup brewing system is designed to brew a single cup of coffee, tea or any other hot beverage. The grounds are in a single- serve coffee container, called a “K-Cup” pod which consists of a plastic cup, aluminum lid and a filter. Each K- Cup pod is filled with coffee grounds, tea leaves, cocoa powder and other required contents and is nitrogen flushed. It is then sealed for freshness and impermeable to oxygen, light and moisture.

    The machines brew the beverage by piercing the foil seal with a spray nozzle, while piercing the bottom of the plastic pod with a discharge nozzle. Grounds contained inside the K- Cup pod are in a paper filter. After this, the hot water is forced under pressure through the K- Cup pod, passing through the grounds and through the filter. Some of the best Keurig coffee makers permit users to adjust the brewing temperature of 192 °F (89 °C) downward by five degrees.

    K- Cups


    K- Cups are exclusively made for Keurig machines considering the process of brewing discussed above. These cups brew a quick, delicious cup of coffee without the need to measure coffee from a bag and make any mess and give you the exact coffee you want every time. Not just anyone can manufacture these cups. Green Mountain Coffee owns Keurig and the right to license out the making of K- Cups.

    Final Words

    The development of the Nespresso machine ensures that only those capsules are eligible which belong to the parent machine. A major difference between these two types of coffee makers is that Nespresso does not deal with any tea companies and so, tea lovers may prefer the Keurig machines.
    Whether you go for the best Keurig coffee makers or Nespresso machine, the user is mostly locked into that company’s marketplace, as the systems use proprietary technology that each company guards zealously. To conclude, Keurig’s K-Cups cannot be used to replace Nespresso capsules.

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  • There Are Many Kitchen Flooring Options


    Floor is one of the building construction at the base of a building, and is used as a buffer all types of furniture and objects in it. Floor is also often referred to as the most basic any part of a room, it is demanded that always strong and able to withstand heavy objects that exist on it. For a house, for example, you need a floor that is sturdy enough to withstand various types of objects that may be present in it. Of a house there is also a variety of rooms, each of which has a different function, such as the kitchen, there are many kitchen flooring options that you can consider.

    But for a room in the house, kitchen flooring options, but not related to the strength of existing designs. Kitchen flooring has a few differences regarding design and also motifs when compared to the other room. As a food processing place, kitchen would often exposed to various splashes of water that may spill onto the floor.

    There are many kitchen flooring options that we can choose, but the basis of our considerations when selecting not based on beauty alone. You must ensure that the floor safe in the event of an incident such as the presence of water is accidentally spilled. Kitchen floor must be easy to clean so not slippery when exposed to liquid spills, or at least you give the floor a layer with objects that are not easily slippery.

    The objects for example alone rubber kitchen flooring, if observed carefully, this thing is not one type of flooring, but only in the form of coatings that are not easily slippery floor. Nature is rough rubber so it will not easily be slippery even wet or exposed to water spills gravy. Rubber coating is also a kitchen flooring options that will be able to help you secure the floor so as not slippery.